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Cobre Montana NL (ASX:CXB, ‘Cobre’ or ‘the Company’) aims to control the greatest lithium (‘Li’) resource base of any entity worldwide, producing battery-grade Li carbonate from Li micas, the ‘forgotten Li resource’.

To progress its global Li strategy, Cobre has formed various strategic relationships critical to its ability to extract Li carbonate from Li micas on a commercial basis. Foremost among these relationships is the Company’s association with Perth-based Strategic Metallurgy Pty Ltd, which has led to development of the innovative process technology Cobre will use to achieve its goal.

In return for Cobre’s participation in developing that technology, Strategic Metallurgy has granted the Company an exclusive licence to use its proprietary Li extraction process for up to 26 years within Western Australia and in two other nominated projects internationally.

Cobre’s access to technical support is further enhanced by its teaming with US-based SciAps, to implement practical field evaluation – using real-time laser technology – and assay for light elements such as Li.

To provide it with access to Li mica deposits, the Company has also entered into relationships with:

  • • European Metals – Cinovec tin and Li project (Czech Republic);
  • • Pilbara Minerals – Pilgangoora Li and tantalum project (Western Australia);
  • • Focus Minerals – Coolgardie Rare Metals Venture {Western Australia}, and
  • • Tungsten Mining – Seabrook Rare Metals Venture (Western Australia).

In addition, Cobre has applied for extensive tracts of ground surrounding Talison Lithium’s Greenbushes pegmatite mine in Western Australia. Talison’s mine, source of the world’s highest-grade Li, currently supplies more than 30% of global Li requirements and 75% of Chinese demand.

Cobre’s activities are set to accelerate, with test work at Cinovec and Pilgangoora, geological reconnaissance at Ravensthorpe and Seabrook and preparatory work for drilling at Coolgardie already on track.


02 July 2015
CXB-Lithium Carbonate Evaluation on Schedule 2 pages
(522.3 kb)

29 June 2015
Partly Paid Share Call Notification & Appendix 3A.6 9 pages
(171 kb)

26 June 2015
EMH: Collects Sample for Further Pilot Plant Testing 3 pages
(121 kb)

26 June 2015
CXB & EMH forge ahead with Cinovec JV 2 pages
(298 kb)

25 June 2015
New Exploration Approach Delivers Early Lithium Success 3 pages
(549 kb)

19 June 2015
CXB and PLS extend lithium assessment MoU 4 pages
(1.2 Mb)

17 June 2015
Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Form 34 pages
(442 kb)

10 June 2015
s708A Notice, LR3.10.5A Notice and Appendix 3B 14 pages
(240 kb)

20 May 2015
CXB Achieve World First With Lithium Production Breakthrough 2 pages
(440 kb)

14 May 2015
s708A Notice and Appendix 3B 13 pages
(115 kb)

08 May 2015
Reinstatement to Official Quotation 1 page
(80 kb)

08 May 2015
Placement Update 2 pages
(275 kb)

07 May 2015
Suspension from Official Quotation 2 pages
(214 kb)

05 May 2015 Trading Halt 2 pages
(271 kb)

30 April 2015
Cobre Board Update 2 pages
(358 kb)

30 April 2015
Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Reports 10 pages
(941 kb)

20 April 2015
Cobre’s positive test results lead to HoA with EMH 2 pages

20 April 2015
EMH: Further Positive Lithium Testwork and HOA Signed 4 pages

17 April 2015
EMH: Cinovec Battery Grade Lithium Carbonate 3 pages

17 April 2015
Cobre Produces Cinovec First Lithium Carbonate 2 pages

16 February 2015
Investor Presentation 28 pages

11 February 2015
Cobre Completes Acquisition of Ravensthorpe Lithium Project 2 pages

10 February 2015
Cobre Contributes to 285pc Cinovec Lithium Resource Upgrade 18 pages

09 February 2015
EMH: Substantial Increase in Resources 15 pages



27 April 2015
Helmsec Research Report 8 pages

30 April 2015
Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Reports 10 pages
(941 kb)

28 January 2015
Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Reports 11 pages
(181 kb)

31 October 2014
Quarterly Cashflow Report 6 pages
(246 kb)

31 October 2014
Quarterly Activities Report 3 pages
(113 kb)

30 September 2014
Annual Report to shareholders 59 pages
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04 May 2015
Investor Presentation 12 pages (1.6Mb)

16 February 2015
Investor Presentation 28 pages

24 November 2014
AGM Presentation 17 pages

13 November 2014
Investor Presentation 17 pages
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